Something is Cooking in the Kitchen….

And, oh it smells so sweet! :p

When you leave the same cake out on display and the product later becomes stale.
This is why the CakeHR team have been rustling up something new in the bakery.

As ever in the CakeHR blog, we are excited to take you through every step along the way showing you the twists and turns of learning about what makes a great product, as well as giving you first insight into the future of CakeHR.

We cannot contain ourselves so, this Thursday, we’re going to revealing something fresh and hot out the oven that will see us take the product and brand to a whole new level.

Head back here at the blog or to on Thursday 6pm GMT to gain first look access! 🙂


Written By

Lee Francis Chapman

Head of happiness @CakeHR. HR tech, SaaS guru with passion for H2H - Human 2 Human & Success As A Service.