A Spot in the Best UK HR Blogs List: CakeHR Grabs the Medal for its Insights & Content

CakeHR is officially one of the best UK HR blogs according to Feedspot’s 2018 list

Getting recognized as one of the best UK HR blogs is a big deal.

Placing 5th in the prestigious Feedspot compilation is even bigger.

Best 10 UK HR Bloggers
Best 5 UK HR Bloggers

But when the four blogs ahead of you are all strictly resource only HR communities not associated with any software vendor, it is time to pat the back and celebrate.

That is exactly what we are doing!

CakeHR is No Stranger to Recognition

While each and every software solution provider is committed to delivering the absolute best, only a handful can live up to expectations and translate their passion into public recognition.

We are not tooting our own horn.

Feedspot’s nod in our direction is doubly special because it is appreciation not for our software, but for our dedication to bringing the best in Human Resource breakthroughs and developments to discerning readers.

We are just extremely grateful to our users, evangelists, followers and well wishers, thanks to whom we have aced the GetApp quarterly Category Leaders rankings for the past two years and have managed to make our presence felt at the Appealie SaaS awards.

Feedspot’s nod in our direction is doubly special because it is appreciation not for our software, but for our dedication to bringing the best in Human Resource breakthroughs and developments to discerning readers.

Top 10 UK HR Blogs & Websites in 2018

Feedspot’s contributions in the world of blogging can’t be overlooked.

While RSS feeds have been around for a while, Feedspot puts a spin on the typical stream of content by also taking the time to give a high five and a shout out to brands that go above and beyond regular posting.

Feedspot’s top 10 blogs lists create a lot of noise.

They point readers, professionals and creatives in the direction of blogs and YouTube channels that keep them updated and fuel their desire to learn.

Those in the know trust Feedspot’s recommendations.

This year the CakeHR blog has grabbed the 5th spot as one of the best UK HR blogs out there.

This honour is sweeter because to be preceded by HR Grapevine, HR Review, HRZone blog and the HRDIRECTOR blog is an homage to the research that goes into our content.

The CakeHR blog is one of the only blogs in the compilation that is run by a Human Resource software vendor.

FeedSpot Founder Anuj Agarwal Speaks

Never one to sit on our laurels, we asked Anuj – the founder of Feedspot – about the factors that go into vetting and creating the top 10 lists.

His answer is exhaustive.

Each blog that is a candidate for Feedspot’s shout-out is evaluated for 5 criteria and has to go through an additional round of expert review.

  1. Blog Content Quality. This is without doubt the most important filter. Design and SEO all fall by the wayside if a blog doesn’t offer content that is relevant to readers. Feedspot looks for:
  2. A mix of trending and evergreen post topics. This signals the fact that the brand behind the blog is not only well versed with the staples of the Human Resource landscape, they also have their finger on the pulse of how things are changing.
  3. Readability. Apps like Hemmingway set a huge store by the simplicity of language and clarity of ideas. A good blog has interesting content. A great blog has content that not only piques the interest, but also offers a concrete take-away that’s easy to implement.
  4. The user experience on the blog. Feedspot steers clear of platforms that are heavy on adverts. Especially unrelated pop-ups which mar the reader experience. A clean, simple interface with the ability to quickly find topics that resonate score brownie points.
  5. Post Consistency. This consistency isn’t just in terms of publish times.

It also encompasses consistency in terms of the voice of the blog and the type of content. For example, here at CakeHR we do not patronize our readers by using overly simplified language. But we do inject humour in our blogs to grab attention and to promote a longer time on page.

And this doesn’t change – even if the post authors do!

Blogs that jump from one genre of posts to another and tend to have erratic publishing schedules are neither reliable nor capable of expanding the knowledge of readers.

  • Age of the Blog. This accounts for the domain authority of the blog which is directly impacted by the age of the domain, among other things. A high domain authority is ultimately an indicator of credibility.
  • Average Number of Shares on Social Sites. The fancier cousin of backlinks, Anuj and Feedspot focus on social shares because they are a better, more visceral gauge of how interesting the content of a blog is.

When people read something they connect with, the first instinct isn’t to link out to it from their own blog (which is what a backlink is) but it is to share the content on social with family and friends.

  • Traffic to Blog. This is another indicator of the credibility of a site and the consistency of the blog. Traffic builds over time. And it needs constant reinforcement in the form of continued publishing of amazing posts to grow.

Once these factors are noted, the shortlisted candidates go through a more human once-over.

Subject matter experts review the candidates and their inputs affect the list rankings.

How to Make the Most of the CakeHR Blog?

One of the best UK HR blogs is also the easiest to navigate.

Here’s how you can get your daily dose of Human Resource inspiration, How-Tos and breakthroughs.

  1. Bookmark https://blog.sage.hr/. You’ll love it.
  2. Take a look at the navigation menu. It has seven distinct categories. You can browse through a mixed bag of posts and topics by choosing “All”. If you want only CakeHR related updates, click the “CakeHR” tab in the panel. Wish to see how Blockchain and HR can play nice? Out of the box content and infographics can be found under the category “Interesting
  3. Think a post is unique? Share the blog with your friends and co-workers by using the social shares tab to the left. You can also add the content to your Buffer pipeline.

We at HR management software CakeHR will continue to push the boundaries of HR content. And we’ll continue to focus on what matters to our customers instead of flooding our blog with “feature updates” or “behind the scenes” filler.

Come and check us out when you want to grab some easy to implement HR tips!


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Norberts Erts

HR Degen and Product Marketing Manager at Sage. Former Co-founder of HR software company CakeHR (acquired by The Sage Group plc in 2019). Keep a sharp eye on HR, marketing, business, finance, science, technology, and the connections between them.