Suggestions to Improve the Productivity of Your HR Department

Within every successful enterprise is a dependable HR team.

Human Resource plays a significant role in your business. In particular, they oversee employee management and ensure that your manpower is given sufficient training, benefits, and the compensation that they deserve.

With such big responsibilities, productivity in the HR department is critical. Here are eleven great tips to boost the productivity of your HR team.

1/ Make it bright

As in really bright. A well-lit room is not only inviting. It also signals energy. Natural light is the best. Research suggests that workers who were exposed to natural light slept better at night and were more physically active than those who work in a poorly lit environment. It’s good for their health and in your pocket too (it’s energy-efficient!). If it isn’t possible to let natural light in, adjust your lighting.

2/ Ensure their comfort

More and more startups are focusing on making their workspace beautiful and health-friendly. Fatigue and other symptoms of stress can hinder your employees’ performance. Consider making their environment more comfortable by investing in high-quality desk chairs and office equipment. Think of aesthetics. Choose furnishings, draperies, and colors that are pleasing to the senses.

3/ Make it quieter

Office noise is distracting. Another study found that workers exposed to higher levels of noise are more stressed and less motivated. Provide dedicated quiet spaces which can be used by employees who need to focus on important tasks. Add continuous low-level ambient sound such as white noise to mask the noise. Also, consider installing sound-absorbing materials that don’t hinder the functionality and design of your office.

4/ Improve their skillset

Giving your employees an opportunity to advance their careers is a great way to motivate them to perform well at work. Many workers take advantage of instant approval personal loans for training outside the organization because they want to improve their skills and knowledge.

5/ Conduct free training

Provide your HR team access to free training where they can learn, practice and perform. Provide one-on-one check-ins and mentoring sessions to know what skills they want to learn or further develop.

6/ Let them handle special projects

By giving employees challenging tasks from time to time, you are not only helping them become even more productive. You are also motivating them by making them feel valued. By allowing them to go out of their comfort zone, you are giving your HR staff the opportunity to grow and thrive in their careers.

7/ Promote a positive culture

Nobody wants to work in a toxic work environment. If you want to promote productivity at work, invest in employee happiness. Research can attest that employee happiness is tied to their productivity. Strive to create an environment where people can openly communicate, collaborate, and help make each other better.

8/ Prioritize their wellness

Happy and healthy employees are productive employees. Burnout, stress, depression, illness, and disengagement are among the top causes of absenteeism in the workplace, according to this Forbes article. So how do you help keep your employees physically and mentally healthy?

9/ Support flexible working

Recognizing that your employees have a life outside work is a great way to keep them engaged and motivated. More and more companies are providing flexible work schedules for their employees. Not only does it help reduce their expenses, but the ability to work from home or other locations will also allow your HR personnel to focus on deep work.

10/ Stock your pantry with healthy food

What your employees eat definitely affect their physical and mental health. Keep them in top shape by giving them access to healthy foods. Ditch the carbo-loaded pasta, white bread, chips, and soda. Your office pantry should be offering nutritious food like vegetable salads, fish, and other whole foods. Don’t forget to serve hot tea as well. It’s a stress-buster!

11/ Give free access to gyms

It’s great if you could put up a fitness studio inside your office. Many employees don’t have time to work out because of work schedules. By bringing the gym to your office building, there will be no reason for them to skip the gym. Or, you could arrange with a local health club to give your HR employees free membership or discounted rates.

For a highly productive HR department, consider these three suggestions. Productivity is influenced by many factors, such as their physical work environment, skills, and wellness. By making their workplace more conducive, helping your HR staff grow in their career, and helping them achieve their health goals, you are also making them more productive.

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