The Cost of Disengagement to Your Company [White paper]

Growth is back. Don’t let employee disengagement limit yours.

Growth is back. Don’t let employee disengagement limit yours.

Engaged employees give a company its greatest competitive advantage. But retaining top talent may require you to reconsider the way that you think about employee engagement. After all, in today’s business environment working for you isn’t the only option your employees have.

Disengagement costs the UK £52-£70 Billion per year in lost productivity.

Only 17% of the UK workforce is engaged, and 26% of the UK workforce are actively disengaged. This is a higher disengagement level than any other country in Western Europe. And what about the remaining 57%? They’re not really engaged either, feeling no meaningful attachment to their job and/or company.

Now, more than ever, it is important for UK organisations to engage their workforce. With 2014 annual job vacancies reported at 559,600 in England (up 45% on 2009), and skills shortage vacancies nearly doubling in the same period, a battle for talent is on the horizon, and recruiting, retaining and engaging talent will be of paramount importance.

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Norberts Erts

HR Degen and Product Marketing Manager at Sage. Former Co-founder of HR software company CakeHR (acquired by The Sage Group plc in 2019). Keep a sharp eye on HR, marketing, business, finance, science, technology, and the connections between them.