The Future of HR: 5 Technology Imperatives [eBook]

High performing teams don’t happen by chance. With comprehensive analytics you can harness HR data to make fast, informed decisions.

Imagine all the questions you’ve ever had about your workforce answered:

Which people are needed for specific projects?

Do you have the resources you need to successfully grow your organization?

How are individuals performing against KPIs?

Analytics reveals the answers, giving you solid, reliable insights so you can plan, recruit and manage with confidence.

The Future of HR
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“With talent at the top of the agenda for many members of the C-suite, including the CEO, HR has a tremendous opportunity to have a significant impact on the business,”

says David Gartside, managing director responsible for the Future of HR research program in the Accenture Talent & HR Services practice.

In a constantly changing world—and a business environment marked by “volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity”—technology will continue to play a growing role in HR’s success.

Already, it is helping HR to take a more holistic approach to simplifying workforce management; finding, developing and retaining the right talent; predicting workforce changes and issues; planning in alignment with company goals; and working strategically with senior executives.

Technology is opening new opportunities for HR: It can be an enabler of HR transformation and a driver of greater efficiency and effectiveness.

It can also play an important role in letting HR get closer to the business. HR professionals often talk about HR getting a seat at the senior management table—but that’s not always the real issue.

“Most of the time HR has a seat at the table, but they’re not using it,” notes Accenture’s David Gartside. “HR gets to keep the seat at the table when it has value to add, and insights that help the business.”

Technology helps HR deliver those insights.

At the same time, technology is not a panacea. Its effectiveness depends on designing, implementing and using it to meet a company’s specific needs—and doing so requires a close relationship between HR and IT.

“Historically, HR and IT haven’t always worked well together on some of these questions,” says Gartside.

“But we’re now seeing the opportunity for HR to sit down with IT and say, “There is tremendous value to the company here. This is what we want to achieve. Let’s work together to get there.”


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