We’re shortlisted for the BOOMSMB Top 100 HR Tech Vendor Awards

It’s Official – The CakeHR Advantage is Changing How SMBs Handle HR!

What’re the greatest competitive advantages a business can have?

First. Talent.

Second. Technology.

And at the intersection of these two key aspects lives a well-rounded, effective HR application.

But wait a minute…. aren’t HR tools supposed to be clunky, complicated and full of bells and whistles that look pretty on paper but contribute little tangible value?

Not anymore.

CakeHR is simplifying Human Resource and making it – well, more human.

And BOOMSMB has taken notice.

CakeHR have been shortlisted for their list of 100 HR tech vendor providers who are paving new paths to success for small and medium sized organizations!

BOOMSMB & It’s Mission

There’s no dearth of “industry leader” lists or basic review portals. A few like GetApp and Captera stand apart. But most just add to the noise around “Who’s better?”

This glut of information can be overwhelming for organizations that do not have the man-power or the resources to sift through the claims and promises to spot true winners.

Enter BOOMSMB. Its sole purpose is to put the spotlight on vendors providing exceptional apps and customer service in the small to medium business market.

The listings it puts together are unbiased, based on nominations from the people who actually use the tools and solutions and zero in on worthy providers by letting SMBs vote on the shortlisted options.

BOOMSMB’s Human Resource compilation has strict standards.

The vendors must help companies untangle the complex web of HR best practices, streamline the process of finding, evaluating, recruiting and retaining top talent and in general turn HR into a strategic competitive edge on the back of which companies can go head to head with larger, better provisioned competitors.

How Does CakeHR Live BOOMSMB’s Mission?

HR management software CakeHR is proof that Human Resource software solutions do not need to be intimidating or tedious.

HR deals with living, breathing individuals – not nameless, faceless numbers. And the tools used to manage talent should respect this fact, focusing on intuitiveness, collaboration and hassle-free efficiency to encourage greater use.

It doesn’t matter if your business has less than 50 employees or a shoestring budget, you should be able to enjoy:

  • Paperless leave requests and real-time data syncing for a centralized view of who’s available and when.
  • Rich and visual reporting of employee habits and productivity to drive positive changes.
  • Orgchart or visualization of company hierarchy for a quick overview of accountabilities and domains.
  • Managing HR on-the-go with sleek and uncluttered mobile apps.
  • Seamless and productivity boosting integrations with platforms like G Suite and Slack that your employees love the best.
  • 360 degree and continuous performance management which makes more sense than official, one-time reviews.
  • Dynamic and customized permission levels with data encryption and HTTPS for invulnerable protection.

CakeHR offers all this and a lot more, with its brand of gold standard, 24*7 support.

Give our solution a no strings attached spin here. We really are emerging as the top choice for SMBs! 🙂


Written By

Kaspars Upmanis

SaaS freak, CEO & Co-founder @cakehr