Top 135+ HR Analytics Influencers to Watch this Year: Who Are the Current Experts in the Field of HR Analytics?

It’s no secret that there are many great HR Influencers out there, but let’s be more specific; who are the current Top HR Analytics Influencers? We decided it was time to focus on the analytical HR experts who are driving the HR data revolution forward.

Analytics in HR has been a much talked about area in business for a while now due to the way it can support organisations to use their wealth of employee data to make better, more informed decisions relating to their workforce and operational performance.

Analytics enables HR to find ways to attract top talent, accurately forecast future business needs and improve employee satisfaction and engagement (to mention a few), empowering companies to align human resources metrics with strategic goals that are of importance to their business.

From attracting top talent, to accurately forecasting future staffing needs or improving employee satisfaction, HR analytics tools empower organizations to align HR metrics with strategic business goals

But whilst the data gathered from analytics research in HR is proving to be very beneficial to organisations on a whole, it’s the people behind the data that make the most difference.  HR analytics influencers are the experts that take the data and develop strategies that can be shared and adopted by other organisations so they too can reap the benefits of a more data-led approach to achieving their business goals and stay ahead of the times.

Whilst conducting our own research into who is who in the world of HR analytics, we came across very few written resources that would lead us to find a comprehensive list of experts in the field, other than this article by People Analytics Leader, David Green.  It was rightfully acknowledged by David back in 2014 that there were limited articles relating to the top HR analytical influencers in a sea of generalist HR influencer posts and so with analytics in HR being such a prominent subject we wanted to also pay tribute to the most influential HR analytics leaders out there right now.

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HR management software app system CakeHR human resources
HR management software app system CakeHR human resources

With a more data driven approach being adopted by Human Resources functions across the Globe, shouldn’t it be worthwhile to know which experts in the industry are influential?  We thought so too, so with help from David’s 4 part article series in which he highlighted 79 thought leaders in HR analytics, we also conducted some more recent research and added a further 10 HR analytics influencers to the list. These 135 plus analytical experts create and share their knowledge on data, HR software, studies and experience all relevant to the analytics revolution.

You can find their names and head over to their LinkedIn profiles using the links provided below!

1. Linkedin logo Morten Kamp Andersen, Human Capital Consultant | HR Analytics Expert | Leadership Development | Professional Speaker | Research | @MortenKamp

2. Linkedin logo Jason Averbook, CEO & Co-Founder at Leapgen 

3. Linkedin logo Kent Barnett, Performitiv Northwestern University – Kellogg School of Management 

4. Linkedin logo David Bernstein, Strategic Partnerships and Business Development at ThisWay Global 

5. Linkedin logo Josh Bersin, Principal and Founder, Bersin by Deloitte 

6. Linkedin logo Michael Beygelman, Visionary Talent Acquisition Leader | Predictive Analytics | RPO | MSP | HCM | Staffing 

7. Linkedin logo Steven Bianchi, People Experience & Organisational Insights 

8. Linkedin logo Dr Stephen Taylor, Global Head of People Analytics at Deutsche Bank 

9. Linkedin logo Naomi Bloom, Artist/writer/traveler/philanthopist/#EnSW opinions/professional theater sponsor/so much more 

10. Linkedin logo Max Blumberg, Workforce and sales force analytics, design & automation 

11. Linkedin logo Laszlo Bock, CEO and co-founder of Humu. Former SVP of People Operations at Google. Author of “Work Rules!”. Advisor. Dad.

12. Linkedin logo Eden Britt, Global Head, HR Analytics & HR Chief Data Officer at HSBC

13. Linkedin logo Eugene Burke, Advisor on talent and analytics

14. Linkedin logo Peter Cheese, CEO at CIPD, the professional body for HR and people development

15. Linkedin logo Simon Constance, Partner People Advisory Services at EY

16. Linkedin logo Patrick Coolen, Manager HR analytics and strategic workforce planning at ABN AMRO Bank N.V.

17. Linkedin logo Tom Davenport, Professor at Babson College

18. Linkedin logo Jonathan Ferrar, HR | Strategy | Analytics | CEO Ochre Rock | Co-Author The Power of People | Co-Founder Insight222 | Board Advisor 

19. Linkedin logo Andrew Gadomski, Talent and Data Analyst with a healthy sense of curiosity, tenacity, and humor 

20. Linkedin logo Jeanne Harris, Competing on Analytics (Expanded and Updated Fall,2017) Co-Author 

21. Linkedin logo Peter Hartmann, Director, Performance, Analytics and HRIS at Getinge Group 

22. Linkedin logo Nick Holley, Director of CRF Learning at Corporate Research Forum 

23. Linkedin logo Michael Housman, Chief Data Science Officer at RapportBoost.AI • I teach machines how to teach people how to communicate more effectively 

24. Linkedin logo Heather James, Associate Director 

25. Linkedin logo Aki Kakko, Serial Entrepreneur: Transforming Recruitment & Redefining HR – @AkiKakko 

26. Linkedin logo Nick Kemsley, Senior Partner at Korn Ferry Hay Group and Executive Fellow at Henley Business School 

27. Linkedin logo Manoj Kumar, ★ Ex-HSBC Head of HR Analytics ★ HR 40Under40 ★ People Analytics Leader ★ Conference Chair/Speaker★Founder: WorkplaceIf 

28. Linkedin logo Andrée Laforge, Vice-présidente Expérience-Employé et chef de produit enthousiaste, analytique RH, workforce analytics 

29. Linkedin logo Sanja Licina, Future of Organizations at Globant 

30. Linkedin logo Matthew Lymbery, Chief Technology Officer at Liaison Financial Services 

31. Linkedin logo Bernard Marr, Internationally best-selling author; keynote speaker; leading business, technology and data expert 

32. Linkedin logo Andrew Marritt, Founder at OrganizationView, a people analytics practice 

33. Linkedin logo Jean Martin, Executive Director and Talent Solutions Architect at CEB, now Gartner 

34. Linkedin logo Tom Monahan, Managing Partner, Norton Street Capital 

35. Linkedin logo Gyan Nagpal, Author of Talent Economics. Data enthusiast. Community builder. Talent Management Professional. @gyannagpal 

36. Linkedin logo Ian O’Keefe, Managing Director of Workforce Analytics at JPMorgan Chase 

37. Linkedin logo J Patil, Former U.S. Chief Data Scientist; built & run product teams @ LinkedIn etc; done a bunch of security and some data too 

38. Linkedin logo Jonathan Goldman, Dir of Data Science at Intuit 

39. Linkedin logo John Pensom, CEO, PeopleInsight Workforce Analytics 

40. Linkedin logo Thomas Rasmussen, GM People Analytics, Insights & Experience 

41. Linkedin logo Remco de Ruiter, HR Account Manager Production Pernis at Shell 

42. Linkedin logo Esther Bongenaar, VP HR Data & Analytics at Shell 

43. Linkedin logo Greta Roberts, CEO, Talent Analytics, Corp. 

44. Linkedin logo Pasha Roberts, Chief Scientist at Talent Analytics, Corp. 

45. Linkedin logo Prasad Setty, Vice President, People Operations — ABC (People Analytics, Benefits, Compensation and Perf Mgmt) 

46. Linkedin logo Jeremy Shapiro, Executive Director, HR. Global Co-Head of HR Data and Analytics 

47. Linkedin logo Phil Simon, Award-winning author, keynote speaker, and lecturer at Arizona State University 

48. Linkedin logo Tracey Smith, Consultant, author & speaker on supply chain analytics, HR Analytics, Business Analytics, KPIs, metrics and data 

49. Linkedin logo Luk Smeyers, Co-Founder & Practice Leader at iNostix by Deloitte, People Analytics 

50. Linkedin logo Jeroen Delmotte, Co-founder at iNostix by Deloitte, Predictive HR Analytics 

51. Linkedin logo Dr John Sullivan, Speaker, Advisor to Management, Author and Professor 

52. Linkedin logo John Sumser, Principal Analyst at HRExaminer 

53. Linkedin logo Vanessa Varney, Company Director of ViVi Chapter 2 Ltd 

54. Linkedin logo Erin (Kieley) Roberts, Business Processes Senior Consultant HR Reporting 

55. Linkedin logo Bart Voorn, Lead HR Analytics at Ahold Delhaize 

56. Linkedin logo Geert-Jan Waasdorp, Co Founder bij 

57. Linkedin logo Ben Waber, President and CEO at Humanyze 

58. Linkedin logo Kevin Wheeler, Strategic advisor, Consultant, Futurist, Global speaker, Entrepreneur 

59. Linkedin logo John Austin, CEO Talegent 

60. Linkedin logo Laurie Bassi, CEO at McBassi & Company, Author of “Good Company” 

61. Linkedin logo Mark Berry, HR Strategist | People Proponent | Process Optimizer | Analytics Innovator 

62. Linkedin logo John Boudreau, Professor and Research Director, University of Southern California

63. Linkedin logo Marcus Champ, Professor and Research Director, University of Southern California 

64. Linkedin logo Salvatore Falletta, Human Capital Research, Ethical People Analytics & Workforce Decisions, and Evidence-Based Management & Strategy 

65. Linkedin logo Jac Fitz-enz, Owner, Human Capital Source and Human Resources Consultant 

66. Linkedin logo Adam Grant, Author: GIVE AND TAKE, ORIGINALS, OPTION B; Wharton professor; NYT writer 

67. Linkedin logo Placid Jover, VP HR UK & Ireland 

68. Linkedin logo Michael Kennedy, Marketing at Fisher Shipping Company 

69. Linkedin logo Alec Levenson, Economist / Senior Research Scientist at Center for Effective Organizations, University of Southern California 

70. Linkedin logo John R Mattox, Managing Consultant at Gartner 

71. Linkedin logo Alan Paling, Global HR MI Lead at Barclays Bank PLC 

72. Linkedin logo Gene Pease, People analytics thinker & author, Award winning entrepreneur, Board member, CEO, Senior advisor, Speaker 

73. Linkedin logo Michael Rosenbaum, Chairman and CEO at Arena 

74. Linkedin logo James Sesil, University of Wisconsin-Madison 

75. Linkedin logo Naveen Seshardi, University of Wisconsin-Madison 

76. Linkedin logo Gene Tange, CEO, PearlHPS Inc. 

77. Linkedin logo Benjamin Taylor, Want AI in 2017? Chief Data Officer at ZIFF, Inc. #unrecruitable 

78. Linkedin logo Heather Torres, Recruiting Analytics at Facebook 

79. Linkedin logo David Green, People Analytics leader | Award Winning Writer | Speaker / Chair | LinkedIn HR Power Profile | @david_green_uk 

80. Linkedin logo Andrew SpenceStrategic Workforce Advisor

81. Linkedin logo Evan Sinar, Chief Scientist and Vice President at DDI 

82. Linkedin logo Dave Milner, Executive Consulting Partner, IBM Workforce Science (Known as @HRCurator) 

83. Linkedin logo Richard Rosenow, People Analytics at Facebook 

84. Linkedin logo Ms Michael M Moon, Helping create data-driven HR functions through the application of evidenced-based practices 

85. Linkedin logo Madhura Chakrabarti, Research Leader, People Analytics and Employee Engagement 

86. Linkedin logo Sarah Andresen, Head of People Science at Sage People (formerly Fairsail) 

87. Linkedin logo Tito Magobet, Empowering Talent Engagement & Attraction @ Scale 

88. Linkedin logo Dr Ernest Ng, Senior Director, Employee Success at 

89. Linkedin logo Ross Sparkman, Head of Strategic Workforce Planning at Facebook 

90. Linkedin logo Doug Hamor, Workforce Planning & Strategies Leader, Suncor Energy

91. Linkedin logo Michelle Deneau, Director of HR Business Intelligence at Intuit 

92. Linkedin logo Nicholas Garbis, HR Executive leading workforce planning, analytics & HR operations 

93. Linkedin logo Al Adamsen, Founder & Executive Director at Insight222

94. Linkedin logo Dave Sutherland, Advanced Global Strategic Workforce Planning, Workforce Analytics, & Workforce Reporting/Data Management Practice Leader 

95. Linkedin logo Dan George, Delivering value, developing leaders as an Associate Director @ Deloitte

96. Linkedin logo Lisa Rowan, Research Vice President, HR software & services Research at IDC 

97. Linkedin logo Jaana Saramies, Strategic developer / HRD, HR reporting, people analytics, knowledge sharing, development, analytics, BI, finance

98. Linkedin logo Ramesh Soundararajan, Consulting on HR analytics and Architecting high performance systems, Author 

99. Linkedin logo Kuldeep Singh, Sr HR Professional 

100. Linkedin logo John Gunawan, Global HR Ops and Workforce Analytics at PepsiCo, M.S. Predictive Analytics

101. Linkedin logo RJ Milnor, VP, Talent Management Operations at McKesson

102. Linkedin logo J. Damien DeLuca, Senior Director at PepsiCo

103. Linkedin logo Ray Esboldt, Workforce Planning and Analytics Manager at 3M

104. Linkedin logo Holly Allen, Manager of Workforce Insight at CH2M HILL; workforce reporting, analytics & metrics, and strategic workforce planning

105. Linkedin logo Carrie Milnes, Team Lead – Strategic Staffing at Chevron 

106. Linkedin logo Rupert Bader, Enabling Expedia to meet current and future talent needs in a predictable, proactive and scalable way

107. Linkedin logo Aaron Holsinger, Director of Workforce Analytics at Ingersoll Rand

108. Linkedin logo John Bruce, PHR, HR Data Hound / Analytics Junkie / Workforce Planning Enthusiast

109. Linkedin logo Jen Miller, Senior Manager Talent Analytics at Kohler Co.

110. Linkedin logo Tim Harris (Harris-Cáceres), Director, Workforce Analytics at Magellan Health

111. Linkedin logo David Slicker, HR Analytics and Reporting Manager at Southern Company

112. Linkedin logo Corey Bucher, VP, HR Analytics & Workforce Planning at Voya Financial

113. Linkedin logo Dr. Daniel Mühlbauer, People Analytics @ function(HR) || HR Consultant @ bhm consulting || Curator of Nerd Words for HR

114. Linkedin logo Jordan Pettman, Global Head, People Data, Analytics and Planning at Nestlé 

115. Linkedin logo Littal Shemer Haim, People Analytics Consultant, HR Data Strategist, Organizational Researcher 

116. Linkedin logo Erik van Vulpen, HR Analytics Expert and Writer 

117. Linkedin logo Patti P. Phillips, PhD, Researcher | Consultant | Author | Educator

118. Linkedin logo Jack Phillips, Ph.D., Researcher | Consultant | Author | Educator | Speaker 

119. Linkedin logo Mostafa Azzam, Senior HR Advisor | Digital/Analytics HR Leader | Global HRM Consultant | Master Facilitator | Speaker | Writer 

120. Linkedin logo Tom Haak, Director at HR Trend Institute | Writes and speaks about HR Trends and HR Tech | Sharp, entertaining and inspiring 

121. Linkedin logo  Fiona Jamison, Ph.D., CEO | Spring International | Custom Research, People Analytics and Consulting | Speaker 

122. Linkedin logo Mike Guglielmo, Assistant Professor of HR at Temple University | Business Professional with 35+ years of experience in HR, IT, & Finance 

123. Linkedin logo Kevin Moore SWP, Director Human Capital Analytics at Fannie Mae 

124. Linkedin logo Jouko van Aggelen, Executive Director, Head of People Analytics at Cubiks 

125. Linkedin logo Soumyasanto Sen, HR Technology, Transformation & People Analytics Leader and Advisor | Evangelist Future of Work | Speaker & Writer 

126. Linkedin logo Raja Sengupta, Head Of Product Development & Principal Consultant @ Workplaceif 

127. Linkedin logo  Irma Doze, Consultant HR-analytics & Enterprise Intelligence 

128. Linkedin logo Gido Van Puijenbroek, HR Analytics Translator & Managing Director AnalitiQs 

129. Linkedin logo Tony Petrucci, PhD, Academic Director of Leadership Development Temple University & CEO of The Leadership Analytics Group 

130. Linkedin logo Wouter Minten, Global Head HR Data Analytics at Red Bull 

131. Linkedin logo Tom McKeown, CEO and Co-Founder at TrenData 

132. Linkedin logo  Fatih Mehmet Subasi, Analytics Global Lead for Support Functions at Vodafone 

133. Linkedin logo  Mattijs Mol, Global Program Head Recruitment Processes & Analytics @ ASML 

134. Linkedin logo  Addie van Rooij, Vice President People Operations, L&D services, M&A HR services and Labor Relations at Hewlett Packard Enterprise 

135. Linkedin logo  Jared Valdron, People Analytics @ GitHub | Organizational Consultant 

136. Linkedin logo  Olaf Backofen, VP HR Steering & Analytics LH Group bei Lufthansa 

137. Linkedin logo  Anna Lena Fritzsche, Manager People Analytics Consultancy & Organization Development 

138. Linkedin logo  Gustavo Canton, VP of People Analytics @ Schneider Electric 

139. Linkedin logo  Charles Occhino, Chief Technology Officer at PredictiveHR 

140. Linkedin logo  Paul Borza, BSc. MSc in Machine Learning. MBA Candidate @ UW 

141. Linkedin logo  Dr. Tyrone Smith, Global Strategy Leader | People Analytics & Workforce Intelligence, AI, RPA, Human Capital Management 

We hope that by compiling this list of the top HR Analytics Influencers to follow, who are currently driving the data movement forward, may help some of you find inspiration for your own HR analytics strategy.

If you are aware of any HR analytics influencers we may have missed that deserve a place on this list, leave us a comment and we will update accordingly!


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HR management software app system CakeHR human resources
softwareadvice FrontRunner HRIS HR management software app system CakeHR human resources
HR management software app system CakeHR human resources
HR management software app system CakeHR human resources
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