The Top Universities in Asia To Get A Degree in Human Resources

With a workforce that will continue to grow in the years to come, human resource management will become increasingly important throughout Asia. Take a look at the top universities in Asia with regard to studying human resource management.

When I study the modern workplace, the thing that stands out the most with successful businesses is organization.

Large businesses have so many people to manage that organization is crucial.

Even with smaller businesses, it’s important that everyone is on the same page because there is usually a division of labor among employees.

For many companies, that organization is not the responsibility of the CEO, but rather the human resources department.

The work HR managers do is quite impressive

As a self-employed writer, managing my own career can sometimes be a challenge, so I’m often at a loss when I think about all the work that human resource executives are able to do in order to keep a large staff organized and clicking on all cylinders.

The work HR managers do is quite impressive and is essential work for companies all over the globe.

This is becoming increasingly true on the continent of Asia.

Over the next 15 years, Asian economies are expected to account for a large percentage of GDP growth throughout the world.

This will put more pressure on the Asian workforce to be as efficient as possible.

However, the Asian workforce is less skilled compared to the rest of the world, putting more pressure on HR professionals to find the employees that can help drive growth within a particular business or industry.

The Asian workforce is less skilled compared to the rest of the world

One of the biggest trends in human resources across Asia is the move from HR managers with basic skills to HR executives with more specialized skill sets and areas of expertise.

Moving forward, human resource executives need more specific skills aimed at employee recruitment, development, and retention.

Companies are also looking for more experienced human resource managers, which means that an educational background in human resource management is increasingly important.

An educational background in HR management is increasingly important

We have already gone through the best universities to get an education in human resource management in the United States, throughout Europe ending with United Kingdom.

Now let’s look at the top universities in Asia to receive an education in human resource management in Asia!

National Research University Higher School of Economics (Russia) 🇷🇺 

National Research University Higher School of Economics, Russia

National Research University has become one of the top universities in Russia since being founded in 1992.

The Higher School of Economics offers a Master’s program in human resource management, as you’d expect from such a young and progressive school.

The program closely examines both the technology utilized in modern HR, as well as the practical knowledge needed to excel in the field.

Students not only learn about proper management practices, but also the aspects of economics and psychology that go into being a human resource executive, giving them a well-balanced look at human resource management.

Xi-an Jiaotong University (China) 🇨🇳 

Xi-an Jiaotong University, China

The human resource management program at Xi-an Jiaotong University in the western part of China gives students both a theoretical and practical viewpoint at modern HR.

Students are encouraged to be open minded about the role of human resources in modern business, freeing up their minds to solve the problems the industry is currently facing.

The program also places great emphasis on teaching the technical skills human resource executives will need, not to mention the interpersonal skills that are essential for someone in this field.

United Arab Emirates University, College of Business and Economics (UAE) 🇦🇪 

United Arab Emirates University, College of Business and Economics (UAE)

The top school in the United Arab Emirates offers a Doctor of Business Administration, making someone qualified for nearly any job in the business world, including human resources.

The program acknowledges the complexities of today’s business world and aims to train organized leaders who can find innovative solutions to problems, which is exactly what an HR executive needs to do.

This may not be a human resources specific program, but it teaches all the skills that someone in this field needs to have in order to succeed.

Hanyang University (South Korea) 🇰🇷 

Hanyang University, South Korea

The Hanyang University School of Business offers students a Global MBA with eight possible tracks, including human resource management.

The school has a world-class faculty and aims to develop great business leaders, including human resource executives.

Hanyang University believes in not only teaching inside the classroom, but also allowing students to learn from those in the business world, helping students to connect theory with practice and gain real-world experience that will be invaluable once they hit the job market.

National University of Singapore (Singapore) 🇸🇬

National University of Singapore

Singapore’s top university offers an MBA that specializes in strategy and organization, which is right up the alley of human resource professionals.

The focus of the program is on issues of management and human resources, as well as helping to make businesses run more efficiently.

Students will be challenged to solve many of the problems facing businesses all over the world.

Sasin Graduate Institute of Business Administration (Thailand) 🇹🇭 

Sasin Graduate Institute of Business Administration, Thailand

The Sasin Graduate Institute of Business Administration in Thailand offers one of the most comprehensive human resource management programs in Asia.

The school has two certificate programs that dig dip into the principles of business from an HR perspective.

Students will learn all of the basics that they need to know to carve out a successful career in human resources.

They will also learn about business from a psychology perspective to better understand how to work with people, a skill that will give any HR executive an edge in the professional world.

International Management Institute (India) 🇮🇳 

International Management Institute, India

The International Management Institute in India has a post-graduate program in human resource management, which is equivalent to getting an MBA in HR.

Students will delve deep into management issues that are often solved by human resource representatives.

They will study a wide-variety of fields within human resources and learn how those fields connect to different parts of the business world.

By the end of the course, students will have a comprehensive understanding of the business world from a human resources perspective and will be ready to be an HR executive for almost any company anywhere in the world.

United International Business School (Japan) 🇯🇵 

tokyo business school UIBS

Also known as Tokyo Business School, this university offers a Master’s in human resource management.

Students can choose courses that specialize in a variety of topics relevant to the field of human resources, enabling them to further study any and all aspects of HR that interest them.

Upon completion of the program, students will receive an international private graduate certificate, which can help them find employment as an HR professional almost anywhere in the world.

University of Haifa (Israel) 🇮🇱 

University of Haifa (Israel)

One of Israel’s top universities offers an MBA program in strategic human resource management.

This is a unique program in that it encompasses many aspects of business in addition to focusing on human resource topics.

The program ensures that students understand organization, management, and all aspects of the business world.

Students will also simulate real-world situations and speak directly with human resource executives, giving them all the tools they need for a career in human resources.

Best Asian Universities for Human Resources

These are just a few of the distinguished universities in Asia that offer comprehensive programs in human resource management.

With the continent of Asia needing human resource executives to help boost the efficiency of its workforce in the years to come, properly education human resource managers will be of the utmost importance, so that future HR workers can meet all of the challenges that lie ahead for Asia.

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