The Top Universities in Europe To Get A Degree in Human Resources

With the growing importance in human resource management in today’s world, it’s important for those in this field to pursue the best education possible. Take a look at the top universities in Europe to get the best training and education in human resource management.

In my studies of the modern workplace, one of the things that stands out most is the importance of organization and leadership.

There are so many intricacies when it comes to running a business and so many moving parts that keeping everything organized is one of the biggest challenges any business, big or small, will face.

In many instances, the organization and leadership needed to keep a company functioning doesn’t fall on the CEO, but on human resource managers.

This is true for companies all over the globe, not just for American companies, but for those in Europe and Asia as well.

It fascinates me to no end the work HR executives are able to do

As a self-employed writer, I sometimes find it difficult to manage myself and the career of one person, and so I can’t imagine the difficulty of those in human resources who must keep an entire company and an entire staff organized.

It fascinates me to no end the work HR executives are able to do behind the scenes that enable a company to serve its customers on a day-to-day basis.

With the way the modern workplace is changing, the role of human resource managers will only grow in the years to come, giving HR executives even more power and importance within a company.

Michael Bailey Associates, a London-based firm with nearly 1,000 employees throughout Europe and Asia, projects that due to global shifts in demographics, human resource executives will need to be constantly updating their practices and strategies in order to keep up with the new challenges they will inevitably face.

This will place added pressure and importance on the work of HR managers.

A 2015 study by the Boston Consulting Group adds that European companies will face a number of human resource challenges in the years to come with regard to managing changes in talent, demographics, and culture.

The study also found that only 30% of the companies surveyed have even started to address the complex challenges they are sure to face in the future.

Companies will need some of their best employees working in the HR

Not only does this speak to the continued importance of human resource workers, but it also implies that companies will need some of their best and brightest employees working in the HR department.

With this being the case, it will become vital that HR executives have the knowledge and tools to meet the challenges they’ll meet in the workplace, and the only way to ensure this is by getting the best education possible.

We have already gone through many of the top universities for human resource management in both the United States and the United Kingdom.

Now let’s take a look at the top human resource universities throughout Europe.

La Rochelle Business School (France)

esc la rochelle

One of the top business schools in France offers a great course in human resources.

Among the focal points are managerial skills, negotiation skills, and social relations, all of which are essential for human resource executives.

La Rochelle Business school will also ensure that students have at least four to six months of professional experience in the business world so that students are well prepared for a career in HR.

Rome Business School (Italy)

rome business school

Rome Business School fully understands the growing importance of human resource executives in the modern business world, particularly from an international perspective.

Thus, they have a Master’s Degree in human resource management that is open to those experiencing HR for the first time or those who want a more formal education to help hone their HR skills.

The program will produce human resource experts who have both cultural and technical knowledge, setting them up to reach the top of their field.

Antwerp Management School (Belgium)

antwerp management school

The Master’s program in human resource management at Antwerp Management School gives students an in-depth look at the world of HR.

First, they will receive a full overview of how human resources operates in today’s world.

That is followed by intensive training in subjects such as communication, talent development, and management.

Upon completing the program, students will be bona fide HR professionals capable of applying what they’ve learned into real world situations.

University of Burgos (Spain)

ubu de burgos universidad

The Bachelor’s Degree at the University of Burgos combines human resources with labor relations, giving students a broad range of knowledge and skills.

These two areas of business are linked in many ways, now more than ever, making it somewhat natural for the university to combine the two.

Students who graduate from the program will then have the option of pursuing employment in either field, which should open up plenty of doors for them professionally.

New European College (Germany)

new european college munich germany

The Master’s in international management offered by the New European College is geared towards those with an educational foundation in human resource management who want to become experts in international human resources.

The program will help to nurture previously learned skills to enhance communication skills, recruitment and hiring tactics, and employee motivation.

After completing the course, students will be ready to pursue a career in HR almost anywhere in the world.

University of Gothenburg (Sweden)

university of gothenburg

The University of Gothenburg offers a Master’s in strategic human resource management and labor relations, combining these two intricately linked areas of business.

Students will be challenged with real world scenarios and forced to develop strategies to solve HR problems.

The program also goes deep into modern trends in both society and the workplace that a human resource executive must be aware of in order to manage effectively.

Montreux School of Business (Switzerland)

mbu university Montreux School of Business

The Master’s in human resource management at the Montreux School of Bsiness places much of the focus on the management of the people within a company.

The program gives students a unique perspective on the business world, freeing them up to think for themselves and not get bogged down in the rigid structure of the world around them.

At the same time, the Montreux School of Business is committed to putting its students on the track to professional success as soon as they graduate.

Vrije University (Netherlands) vrije universiteit university

This Dutch university offers an MBA but with a specialization in human resource management.

The program gives students proper management training to succeed in the business world, but also focuses on the issues most important to a company’s HR department.

The end result is students who have exceptional problem solving skills that can be applied to any sector of the business world, including human resources.

Graduates may go on to work as an HR manager, a business manager, or a consultant who holds expertise in HR, opening up a lot of doors once they complete their studies.

University of Southern Denmark (Denmark) university of southern denmark syddansk universiteit

One of Denmark’s premier universities offers a Master’s in the management of people.

One of the three possible tracks students can choose is related to human resource management, although the course as a whole teaches students how to understand people within the context of the workplace.

Such knowledge is invaluable for anyone entering the business world, particularly those who go on to work as human resource executives.

Best European Universities for Human Resources

These are just a few of the wonderful universities all across Europe that offer Bachelor’s or Master’s programs related to human resource management.

As I mentioned earlier, the role of HR in the modern workplace is growing immensely in terms of scope and importance, making it imperative for human resource executives to pursue the best training and education possible so that they can meet all of the challenges that lie ahead in the field of human resources.

The role of HR in the modern workplace is growing immensely

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