When the Going Gets Tough: How to Keep Your Employees Motivated

One of the main factors which will serve to cripple workplace productivity.

This insidious problem can cause a number of negative effects but perhaps most importantly, it is as contagious as a virus. This is why the best remedy for such a situation is preventing it from occurring in the first place.

What are some of the ways in which HR staff and management can help their employees remain motivated at all times?

Let’s take a look at a handful of unconventional methods, as these will undoubtedly come in handy if you feel that the energy within the office is beginning to slip.

Detecting a Small Problem Before it Becomes a Major Issue

A lack of motivation is normally not a spontaneous event. This condition will arise as a result of exhaustion, feelings that one is not appreciated or an overall dull work environment.

Thus, one of the best ways to ensure that workers remain energetic is determining what they desire from their professional experience. It is a good idea to have group sessions and meetings to discuss these requirements.

Some of the questions which might be asked could include:

  • What are the ways in which in-house efficiency can be improved?
  • How many workers feel as if their need are being met?
  • What types of team-building efforts do they want to employ?
  • Does the staff feel comfortable discussing problems with their superiors?

The main intention with these questions is to illustrate to the employees that they opinions and objections matter within a real-world environment. This also signifies that an individual will be more likely to come forward if he or she is unhappy. In turn, the chances of a worker “suffering in silence” are dramatically reduced.

In the same respect, it is just as important to learn to diagnose the signals of an individual who might feel less than satisfied with his or her current role. An increasing number of sick days, an unwillingness to contribute during meetings and poor work performance are three common indicators. If these are detected, it is wise to sit down for a face-to-face meeting with the employee in question. Determine if there are any areas that can be improved as well as ways stimulate a greater level of personal and professional satisfaction.

Addressing the Bigger Picture

One of the reasons why many individuals feel that treadmills are quite boring arises from the fact that the user is forced to remain running in place. There is no real destination and the only goal to look forward to is simply when the time is up. This is actually similar to a work environment that has lost its sense of motivation. Why would employees work harder if they feel that their efforts go unnoticed? They will instead work just enough to keep under the radar of management and to secure a cheque at the end of the pay cycle.

This scenario can cripple the workflow within any modern office. While individual employees must take responsibility for their own actions (or a lack thereof), management is ultimately culpable for allowing such sentiments to ferment to the point when they become palpable on a daily basis. Management therefore needs to take a much more proactive approach in the hopes of staving off such doldrums. So, what are some of the steps that can be taken?

Workflows are the way people get work done, and can be illustrated as series of steps that need to be completed sequentially in a diagram or checklist.
Workflows are the way people get work done, and can be illustrated as series of steps that need to be completed sequentially in a diagram or checklist.

As mentioned in the previous section of this article, engagement is critical. Those who feel as if they are part of the team will naturally be more motivated to perform above and beyond the standard requirements. This arises just as much from personal ego as it does from feelings of interpersonal accountability. Another facet of engagement is allowing employees to partially influence managerial decisions. For example, why not ask the team if they have any novel business ideas that can help the growth of the organisation as a whole? From interesting marketing campaigns to implementing upgraded VoIP software, those in charge will be amazed at the levels of insight that employees can provide.

Finally, it is important to reward workers for a job well done. In many large working environments (such as corporate offices), the efforts of the individual are often overlooked in favour of the so-called “bottom line”. Why would anyone ever want to perform above the call of duty if their hard work fails to be recognised by management and team leaders? Those who are singled out for their performance are much more likely to produce reliable results in the future.

Maintaining motivation within the modern work environment is crucial and it is the responsibility of the human resources staff to ensure that employees remain energetic. Thankfully, the suggestions mentioned above can be easily implemented an results are certain to follow.

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