Why Employee Vacation Is Important To Your Business

Allowing, and actively encouraging, employees to take a vacation is crucial to the success of any business.

Why some employees are reluctant to take vacation

In this stressful, goal-driven world we live in, it is often hard for employees to drag themselves away from their work commitments. In our current economic climate, many employees worry that their presence might not be missed, and in turn, that their employer will realise that they work just as efficiently without them. They may feel that their work could come under scrutiny if they are not around to witness it, or that it reflects badly on their work ethic if they choose to take time off. Lastly, they could just possibly think that the whole place will fall apart without them there to control the reigns.

Why you need to encourage vacation time

Whatever the reason is for your employees failing to take the time that is rightfully theirs to take, as an employer, it is ultimately your responsibility to ensure that vacations are taken, and in full. Some employers mistakenly believe that allowing vacation time is counter-productive: that they will get more for their money if the employee doesn’t take vacations; and if the employee wants to work, why should they encourage them not to? Well, the answer is quite simple: without appropriate rest and time away from a stressful environment, the mental and physical well-being of employees is in jeopardy. It isn’t cost effective to allow an employee to work through his vacation if, in six months time, he has a complete breakdown or suffers serious health complaints due to stress. As human beings, we need time away from the stresses of a hectic work-place: to reflect, to breathe and to rest; a week lying on the beach, or catching up with your favourite author, makes all the difference. At the end of the day, employees that are allowed (and encouraged) to take vacations come back well-rested, have a keener edge, a refreshed attitude and an overall general appetite for getting their teeth stuck into some hard work.

Make it easier for employees to take a break

Now you know why it is important to encourage well-earned vacation time, you need to convince your employees. Allow time off when it is requested, without offering judgement, or making your employee feel that they are wrong to want, or need, time off. Organise vacation rotas, where staff need to fill in designated weeks and make sure that they take them. Lastly, set a good example: ensure that your employees see you taking vacations.

Use vacation time effectively

Although many employees may worry that their work situation might be assessed if they are away, it is actually, in truth, a very good time to see what your employees have been up to. This isn’t sneaky, underhand tactics: at the end of the day, you are running a business, and you are well within your rights to ascertain what your employees do for their money. Allowing employees to take vacation offers you the opportunity to assess and consider their work, what they contribute towards the company, and evaluate the current situation; all of which could prove invaluable to the success of your business.


Written By

Kaspars Upmanis

SaaS freak, CEO & Co-founder @cakehr