Unearthing Work Trends From Hidden Webs [Report]

CIPD Megatrends

The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, or CIPD, is a century-old, 135,000-member strong organization which has dedicated itself to the development of human resource management.

Carrying the motto of “Championing better work and working lives”, the CIPD analyzes and promotes advancements in the nature of the workspace and workforce itself, and prides itself on setting the benchmarks for excellence in various global organizations through the force of its deductive results.

In the last century, the essence of the workspace and workforce itself has undergone various drastic changes, and the CIPD believes that the only true way to prepare ourselves for the future to the best of our abilities requires complete understanding of every major economic, social, and related work trend which has affected the core notions and practice of professional work in the past.

In keeping with that objective, the CIPD has prepared and launched a series of reports collectively referred to as “Megatrends”, which discuss the effects of everything from deindustrialization to demographic change on the workforce and workplace, incomes, job turnovers, etc.

However, while the complete set of publications is available here for your perusal, the CIPD has also created a short video to give you a taste of their comprehensive findings on work trends, as well as resultant conclusions.

To that end, this brief video quickly discusses some of the larger work trends which have played a part in the field of human resource managament over the last few decades, and aims at attracting further attention to the future possibiities which may serve as problematic obstacles or shortfalls in the field of HR.

Furthermore, it also aims at prompting an informed debate between the policy makers or organizations, in order to help the HR profession swiftly adapt to change and avoid potential pitfalls highlighted by past trends.

So, without any further hold-ups, enjoy this well-crafted visual snippet.


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Norberts Erts

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